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Welcome to CarMeds Emergency Roadside Akron

Spring is in the air and we are busy serving our customers in Akron, OH.  We are glad you stopped by to check out our site.  We have been serving stranded motorists in Akron, Cleveland, Kent, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Ravenna, Hudson, Tallmadge, Streetsboro, and Medina for the last 10 years.  In that time we have helped over 100,000 stranded motorists get back on the road quick.  

You have several choices locally for roadside assistance.  CarMeds Roadside Assistance has consistently outranked our competitors for the last 10 years.  Just as recently as January 2020, we were ranked #1 in Ohio and and #11 in the USA out of nearly 50,000 towing and roadside companies for our commitment to excellence.

We are a mobile roadside assistance business and we come directly to you for flat tires, jump starts, fuel deliveries, and vehicle lockouts.  We have emergency roadside technicians all over Northeastern Ohio and most likely have one near you now.

Call us now at 330-465-2150 to set up service, receive an accurate ETA, and get a fair price.

When you contact CarMeds Emergency Roadside Assistance, you are getting a local provider of roadside assistance and vehicle lockouts in Akron, OH.  Unfortunately, when you google "roadside assistance near me", you may or may not land on a local page.  There are companies that run scams in the local listings pretending to be local companies when in actuality you are being sent to a call center outside the United States.  

Be wary of phone numbers with area codes and prefixes outside the local area.  That doesn't mean it is a scam.  In fact, CarMeds can also be reached toll free at 855-ROAD-911 or 855-762-3911.  Our local number, however, is the preferred contact method.  

Nonetheless, support your local towing and roadside assistance providers.  When you go direct, you are guaranteed to get the fastest response and the best rate in most cases.  

You don't always need a tow truck when you are stranded on the side of the road.  CarMeds Roadside Assistance specializes in changing tires, jump starting cars, unlocking car doors, and bringing fuel.

How long does roadside assistance take to reach me?

Every situation is unique.  In most cases, however, we can reach you quickly when you are broken down on the side of the road.  CarMeds is the leading provider of roadside assistance and vehicle lockouts in Akron, OH.  

Are you the cheapest roadside assistance?

Our services are competitively priced.  When you call CarMeds we give you a firm quote over the phone.  There is no bait and switch.  The price you are quoted is the price you will pay when we arrive.  We are a budget friendly roadside assistance provider.

Do you have tow trucks?

You found us today under local towing companies, however, we do not tow.  Unfortunately, there is no business listing category on the search engines for roadside assistance.  Roadside assistance naturally falls under the towing category.  We find that most customers use the terms towing and roadside assistance interchangeably.  They do go together, however, make sure you are getting what you need.  You don't always need a tow or need to pay more for a tow.  If you have a flat tire and have a spare, we will come out and put your spare tire on your vehicle.  Within 50 miles or less, we ask that you take your vehicle to a repair shop to get the original tire fixed or replaced and put back on the vehicle.  

What makes you the best roadside assistance choice locally?

  • 10 years in the business.
  • 24/7 dispatching and service.
  • Consistently ranked #1 in local roadside companies and recently ranked #1 in Ohio and #11 in the United States.
  • Fast, friendly, professional service professionals.  

My car is pulled into my garage, can you jump start it?

We don't need jumper cables to start your vehicle when you have a dead battery.  We use state of the art jump boxes that get us into tight spaces.  As long as we can open your hood, we can get your battery started with a jump start.  Call us today to setup your jump start service.

What is the local phone number for roadside assistance?  

CarMeds should be your first choice for local roadside assistance.  We are locally owned and operated and can be reached 24/7 at 330-465-2150.

You don't need a tow truck, you need CarMeds Emergency Roadside Assistance to change your tire, jump start your battery, unlock your car, or to bring you fuel.  Call us today to set up serivce.

Flat Tire? Keys locked in car? Ran out of Fuel? Need a jump?

CarMeds Emergency Roadside has highly trained roadside technicians nearby waiting to assist you with your emergency.  Call us now at 330-465-2150.