Emergency Roadside Assistance - Hudson, OH

Welcome to CarMeds Emergency Roadside - Hudson, OH

Need roadside assistance Hudson, OH?  Hudson has been a stopping point for travelers since the late 1700's and if you are traveling from New York to Chicago, you will probably have to pass through Hudson.  Interstate 80 (Ohio Turnpike) runs right through parts of Hudson, OH and there is a strong likelihood that you will run into trouble on this strip of highway.

CarMeds Emergency Roadside Assistance has served Hudson, OH and the surrounding communities for the last 10 years providing vehicle lockouts, jump starts, fuel deliveries, and tire changes. If you are on the Ohio Turnpike, Route 8, or in the heart of it all in downtown Hudson, don't hesitate to contact us the next time you find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

Can anyone service the Ohio Turnpike?

Good question.  The short answer is yes if you need roadside assistance and no if you need a tow.  The Ohio Turnpike Commission contracts towing and wrecker services for each section of the turnpike.  You must use that contracted company if your vehicle requires a tow off the highway.  If you just need help with a vehicle lockout, jump start, fuel delivery or flat tire then we can help you.

The towing contractors on the turnpike will often fib and tell you that you can only use them.  That is not true!  Again, it is only for an actual tow off the turnpike that you have to use them.  Don't fall victim to their tactics, call CarMeds Emergency Roadside Assistance at 330-465-2150 for immediate assistance.

While we are changing your flat tire, check out downtown Hudson, OH.  Hudson is riddled with quaint shops, fine and casual dining, and a downtown green area unlike any others.  Our personal favorite is Doug's Dinner Bucket on Akron Peninsula road where you can get a great meal at a reasonable price.

If you emergency roadside assistance service turns into an overnight stay, there are many local options including several chain hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Flat Tire? Keys locked in car? Ran out of Fuel? Need a jump?

CarMeds Emergency Roadside has highly trained roadside technicians nearby waiting to assist you with your emergency.  Call us now at 330-465-2150