Happy Roadside Assistance Customers

How long does roadside assistance take to get to me?

When we started our business over 10 years ago, things were much different.  Technology has changed and evolved over the last decade and so has CarMeds Roadside Assistance.   Long ago are the days of using  paper maps and paper invoices.  Today we  utilize technology to make your emergency roadside request a fast and painless experience.  With an average ETA under the industry average, we service much of Northeastern Ohio in record times on a daily basis.

Our dispatchers and  technicians use the latest state of the art equipment to bring you a seamless experience from start to finish and we are pleased that we are 100% paper free.  That means your entire experience is managed electronically to provide you with a responsive service time. 

Who are your technicans?

Back in the day, your mother warned you not to get in cars with strangers.  When the Internet came out, they told you not to meet from online.  Today, we get in cars with strangers that we ordered online.  Things have changed but we still need to be vigilant about the people we allow into our homes and businesses.  That is why CarMeds Roadside Assistance recruits only the best technicians who have been completely vetted for your peace of mind.  

All techs undergo an intensive background check not only by us but also by our insurance partners we service.  In addition, technicians are given nearly 100 hours  of training prior to ever touching your vehicle.  The services we provide are not rocket science, however, we try to take all the necessary steps to ensure your emergency request is serviced by only the best.

Are you covered?

CarMeds Roadside Assistance has operated nearly 10 years in Northeastern Ohio including Cuyahoga, Summit, Stark, Portage, and Medina counties.  We pride ourselves in doing things the right away and running our business above board.   We are insured for your protection and peace of mind.  In addition, our workers are regular W2 employees and we pay into the Bureau of Worker's Compensation for their protection.  Everyone is covered in the rare occurrence of an accident.

Locked keys in car? Jump Start? Fuel Delivery? Tire Change?

– Susan Stozek, Hudson, Ohio

I'd been shopping and when I tried to start my car, it wouldn't turn over. It was getting dark and I didn't want to leave my car in the lot so I called to have it towed. CarMeds roadside assistance sent out a technician that fixed the issue right there! 5 stars!

– Christine Baker, Stow, Ohio

I locked myself out of my car, and not only were the drivers at CarMeds roadside assistance were quick and efficient, they were the cheapest company I'd found. Since then, I've called them for a flat tire. Each time their service has been impeccable.